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Sanctum - Answer to His RiddleSanctumAnswer to His RiddlevinylLimited picture disk release. Note: This item has a banged up outer sleeve, but the picture disc vinyl is mint.n/a
Sanctum - Lupus in FabulaSanctumLupus in FabulaCDA strange mix of styles. Sometimes female-fronted and the poppiest music ever on Cold Meat, and the rest of the time aggressive male-fronted industrial. Delerium meets Mental Destruction?n/a
Scorn - Imaginaria AwardScornImaginaria AwardCDMick Harris's first Scorn release in a few years is a strange and eerie incarnation of his usual electronic dub style, with crazy effects and beats that don't land when you expect.n/a
Scorpion Wind - Heaven SentScorpion WindHeaven SentvinylSpoken word by Boyd Rice with music by Douglas P. of Death in June. Original double LP release. Note: This item has a banged up outer cover but the vinyl is mint.n/a
S.Gears - DipS.GearsDipCDMellow dub-influenced electronica is taken into pop territory with male vocals, reminding of recent efforts of David Sylvian or Eyeless in Gaza.n/a
Sharon's Last Party - Blue Light and Blue EyesSharon's Last PartyBlue Light and Blue Eyesvinyln/a
Show of Exaggeration - Show of ExaggerationShow of ExaggerationShow of ExaggerationCDA collaborative side project of Synapscape and Centrozoon comes out quite different than the rest of their work. Pulsing minimal electronics with a dramatic harsh industrial edge.n/a
Silk Saw - WalksongsSilk SawWalksongsvinylA vinyl-only release in unique packaging. Side one is slow and subtle and atmospheric much like the sublimely minimal 4th Dividers. Side two is chaotic and percussive more like the noisier Preparing Wars.n/a
Silk Saw - ClaudicatingSilk SawClaudicatingCDSilk Saw live with a chaotic and dissonant set for difficult listening.n/a
Silk Saw - Come Freely, Go SafelySilk SawCome Freely, Go SafelyCDn/a
Silk Saw/Jardin d'UsureElectric Musical ChairsCDn/a
Simulacrum - UpuautSimulacrumUpuautCDFollowing two well received atmospheric albums, Slovakian group Simulacrum surprise with a groovy rhythmic effort, moving into Rapoon territory while dark and evocative enough to satiate the Cold Meat crowd.n/a
Simulacrum - Anti Matter SocietySimulacrumAnti Matter SocietyvinylVery limited edition LP.n/a
Skin Area - New SkinSkin AreaNew SkinCDImpressively fresh-sounding harsh industrial noise from IRM side project Skin Area. This album follows a progression through various heavy distorted atmospheres, and integrates organic instruments and vocals.n/a
Skincage - AxonSkincageAxonCDAn all time favorite Malignant release, Skincage deliver an unusually engaging soundscape album something like a collision of Coil & Nurse with Wound.n/a
Sleep Chamber - SacrosanctSleep ChamberSacrosanctCDSleep Chamber release their most experimental work on the MMM label of Italy, and Sacrosanct of 1996 continues the tradition in especially sonically freaked out form.n/a
Sleep Chamber - Secrets ov 23Sleep ChamberSecrets ov 23CDA swirling mesmerizing mysterious magickal instrumental soundscape, continuing where Sirkle Zero left off.n/a
Sleep Chamber - Sirkle ZeroSleep ChamberSirkle ZeroCDSirkle Zero is often cited as the best Sleep Chamber release. This intense ritual occult-themed recording follows in the steps of early Psychic TV & Current 93, while its own unmistakable sinister character easily shines through.n/a
Sleep Chamber - Sleep or Forever Hold Your PieceSleep ChamberSleep or Forever Hold Your PieceCDn/a
A Small Good Thing - The Pink and Purple World of DishonestyA Small Good ThingThe Pink and Purple World of DishonestyCDn/a
A Small Good Thing - Cool, Cool WaterA Small Good ThingCool, Cool WaterCDn/a
A Small Good Thing - Slim WesternsA Small Good ThingSlim WesternsCDSpacious ambient soundscapes from O Yuki Conjugate members evokes the wide open American West.n/a
Snog - Real Estate Man PlusSnogReal Estate Man PlusCDOne of the catchiest Snog dance tracks of a few years back is served up in a whopping ten different versions plus a video track. Now that's what I call Super Size!n/a
The Soil Bleeds Black - Mirror of the Middle AgesThe Soil Bleeds BlackMirror of the Middle AgesCDLatest from this entertaining band of court minstrels from some alternate Middle Ages. Musically their best yet, they keep getting better at what they do. This album includes interpretations of some well known folk songs...n/a
The Soil Bleeds Black - Mirror of the Middle AgesThe Soil Bleeds BlackMirror of the Middle Agesvinyln/a
The Soil Bleeds Black - QuintessenceThe Soil Bleeds BlackQuintessenceCDThe Soil Bleeds Black's fifth album of over-the-top medieval revelry follows the acoustic direction of Alchemie, and adds some tracks in an all new acoustic guitar folk style. Another joyful celebration of the Dark Ages.n/a
Solar X - Chanel No. 303Solar XChanel No. 303vinylFast moving melodic experimental breakbeat electronica out of Russia.n/a
Sol Invictus/Rose Rovine E Amanti/Andrew King - A Mythological Prospect of the Citie of LondiniumSol Invictus/Rose Rovine E Amanti/Andrew KingA Mythological Prospect of the Citie of LondiniumCDn/a
Sol Invictus - Sol Veritas LuxSol InvictusSol Veritas LuxCDThe deluxe reissue of the most defining Sol Invictus release, Sol Veritas Lux, celebrates 20 years of Sol Invictus, freshly remastered and presented in a luxurious package. Claim your copy of one of the all time classics of neofolk!n/a
Somatic Responses - Touching the VoidSomatic ResponsesTouching the Voidvinyln/a
Somatic Responses - TloozSomatic ResponsesTloozvinyl7" vinyl release of two catchy rhythmic tracks from the Hymen favorites.n/a
Somatic Responses - Augmented LinesSomatic ResponsesAugmented Linesvinyln/a
Source Research - Dark StartSource ResearchDark StartCD3" CD release.n/a
Spasm - Meating DisorderSpasmMeating DisorderCDn/a
Spear - Sapphire FlowerSpearSapphire FlowerCDLast album of a personal favorite ambient group is quiet and droney even compared to past Spear releases. Sapphire Flower may be too reserved to be immediately stunning but given time, some of the most satisfying sound sculpturing to be found...n/a
Spies - NotinistaSpiesNotinistavinylVinyl companion to the Notinism album features extra dancey remixes.n/a
Spies - NotinismSpiesNotinismCDSci fi trance music integrates some world music influences. Much in common with Juno Reactor here.n/a
Squaremeter - 14id1610sSquaremeter14id1610sCDPanacea as Squaremeter aka M2 recycles music from various Ant-Zen releases in an eccentric disjointed soundscape of sudden bursts of random electronic sound. This takes a while to get into but may "click" with you eventually.n/a
Starfish Pool - Illusions of Move: The Golden CycleStarfish PoolIllusions of Move: The Golden CycleCDCompiles music from the first two LP's in the Illusions of Move series, Blue and Red, with unreleased tracks. Mellow hypnotizing rhythmic electronica with two different female vocalists.n/a
Starfish Pool - Illusions of Move: Chapter BlueStarfish PoolIllusions of Move: Chapter Bluevinyln/a
Stilluppsteypa - Keep Checking Speed and CompletenessStilluppsteypaKeep Checking Speed and CompletenessvinylBizarre experimental industrial noise rock, hugely energetic and dramatic. You haven't heard anything quite like this. Limited to 500 copies.n/a
Streicher - War Without EndStreicherWar Without EndCDAnother reissue of classic power electronics from Cold Spring. Streicher is an Australian act obsessed with war and terrorism.n/a
Strom.ec - Neural ArchitectStrom.ecNeural ArchitectCDLately there's a whole scene of power electronics turning up in Finland and Strom.ec is one of the best. Here's a distinctive mix of rhythm, atmosphere and vile aggression, well produced and strangely listenable.n/a
Surya - Music to WatchSuryaMusic to WatchCDSurya offer decent easy listening electronica, originally used as the soundtrack music for art events.n/a
Sutcliffe Jügend - XISutcliffe JügendXIvinyln/a
Swans - Swans Are DeadSwansSwans Are DeadCD2CD set. Live 1995-97.n/a
Synth-etikDimensional DestructvinylVinyl-only remixes of Synth-etik's Dimensional Construct.n/a
Synth-etik - Dimensional Construct BoxSynth-etikDimensional Construct BoxCDDeluxe 2CD box set edition includes the Dimensional Construct album along with an exclusive Synth-etik EP.n/a
Szkieve - Des Germes de Quelque ChoseSzkieveDes Germes de Quelque ChoseCDThis slow-moving ambient noise music would be quite mellow except it picks up a serious difficult edge by wielding extreme ear-piercing frequencies.n/a