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Rapoon - Alien Glyph MorphologyRapoonAlien Glyph MorphologyCDn/a
Rapoon - Alien Glyph MorphologyRapoonAlien Glyph MorphologyvinylDouble 10" vinyl release comes in a glorious heavy wooden cover handmade in India.n/a
Rapoon - RhizRapoonRhizCDBy far Robin Storey's most beat-oriented release so far. At times it reaches much of the same trance-inducing effect as past work did in different ways.n/a
Rapoon - Cold War: Drum 'n' BassRapoonCold War: Drum 'n' BassCDAn epic 2CD release. Trance of drum n bass beats swirl in a vast sea of Rapoon's usual organic ambience. Includes Sonic Foundry Acid software to make your own remix.n/a
Rapoon vs. Kinder Atom - Rapoon vs. Kinder AtomRapoon vs. Kinder AtomRapoon vs. Kinder AtomCDThis collaboration comes out as a unique mix of quirky rhythms by Kinder Atom and thick atmosphere by Rapoon.n/a
Rapoon - Errant AngelsRapoonErrant AngelsCDA live radio session. While Errant Angels may be less intricately produced than Rapoon's studio albums, it comes out just as hypnotic.n/a
Remanence - ApparitionsRemanenceApparitionsCDRemanence produce dark romantic, melancholic synthetic music with a slight tendency toward new age.n/a
Reverberation/Muslimgauze - New SoulReverberation/MuslimgauzeNew SoulCDn/a
Boyd Rice Presents - Music for PussycatsBoyd Rice PresentsMusic for PussycatsCDMusic for Pussycats is a sweet little collection of lost pop tunes by long lost girl groups.n/a
Rob(u)rang & Friends - Rob(u)rang & FriendsRob(u)rang & FriendsRob(u)rang & FriendsCDFrantic lo-fi klonky electronic rhythmscapes and distorted vocals, featuring help from members of Imminent and Silk Saw.n/a