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Pacific 231 - Thule ApocalypsePacific 231Thule ApocalypseCDn/a
PAL - Live at 2:00 AMPALLive at 2:00 AMCDChilled out ambient music, uncharacteristic for PAL, while still crafted of odd electronic effects and kooky samples.n/a
PAL - Play at 2:00 AMPALPlay at 2:00 AMvinylA relatively easy listening record from PAL shows drum n bass and ambient influences.n/a
PAL - RemotePALRemotevinylA couple short yet memorable tracks, PAL fans don't miss out. On clear red vinyl.n/a
Panacea/Knifehandchop - Street ChicPanacea/KnifehandchopStreet ChicvinylA fashionable mix of streetwise gabber and jungle, these playful dance anthems will mainly appeal to the Knifehandchop and Tigerbeat6 freaks.n/a
Panacea/Needle Sharing/Tarmvred - Panacea Shares Needles with TarmvredPanacea/Needle Sharing/TarmvredPanacea Shares Needles with TarmvredCDCollaborative release between three big names in the super-heavy-hitting German drum n noise scene. Just as uncompromisingly powerful as you expect.n/a
Nick Parkin - RefractNick ParkinRefractCDNick Parkin continues exploring the water theme of Aquam Metallicam, this time charting new depths of deep oppressive gloom.n/a
Nick Parkin/Tom Gillieron - Red ShiftNick Parkin/Tom GillieronRed ShiftCDEnvironmental soundscape painter Nick Parkin meets drum n bass producer Tom Gillieron. The result is a meticulously crafted release of rapid fire beats set in an eerie atmosphere.n/a
Nick Parkin - Geomorphic ResonanceNick ParkinGeomorphic ResonanceCDn/a
Nick Parkin - EntropolisNick ParkinEntropolisCDn/a
Nick Parkin - Island of DustNick ParkinIsland of DustCDn/a
Passarani - Unspeakable Future OutbreaksPassaraniUnspeakable Future OutbreaksCDEnergetic futuristic drum n bass and oddly relaxing dissonant atmosphere from Italian electronic composer Marco Passarani.n/a
Penitent - Songs of DespairPenitentSongs of DespairCDn/a
Penitent - Maestro BeethovenPenitentMaestro BeethovenCDn/a
Penitent - Roses By Chaos SpawnedPenitentRoses By Chaos SpawnedCDn/a
People Like Us/Kenny G - Nothing SpecialPeople Like Us/Kenny GNothing SpecialCDNothing Special is the latest installment of chaotic sonic randomness assembled by People Like Us. Unfortunately not a real Kenny G collaboration, he doesn't make much appearance here!n/a
Pissed Happy Children - Pissed PlaygroundPissed Happy ChildrenPissed PlaygroundCDn/a
PlagiarismPlagiarism Is ArtvinylEBM on Hau Ruck? Here it is, sounding like Klinik with a touch of extra drama and atmosphere.n/a
Le Plastique Mystification - In the Land of MelancholyLe Plastique MystificationIn the Land of MelancholyCDLe Plastique Mystification bring us an awesome and beautiful fusion of dark rock, folk, jazz and experimental industrial. Here is a truly epic album certain to appeal to those looking for something that really covers new ground.n/a
Procer Veneficus - GhostvoicesProcer VeneficusGhostvoicesCDProcer Veneficus weaves a deeply evocative spell using only simple acoustic guitar, minor atmospheric treatments and whispered vocals. The gloomiest, foggiest recording you ever heard.n/a
A Strange Fortune Gem
Projet 2501 - SingularityProjet 2501SingularityvinylFrench project of drum n bass with a lot of sci fi samples.n/a
Propergol - Program VengeancePropergolProgram VengeanceCDFrance's Propergol is consistently one of the most distinctive and most frightening dark industrial groups around. Their method is to lay out samples from movies alongside heavy electronic rhythm, and the result is amazingly powerful.n/a
Proscriptor - The Venus BellonaProscriptorThe Venus BellonavinylOriginal vinyl release in gatefold cover. Note: This item has a banged up cover, but the red vinyl is mint.n/a
Proyecto Mirage - Gas Alarm!!!Proyecto MirageGas Alarm!!!CDProyecto Mirage keep getting better and this is one of the best Hands albums of '04. A furious nonstop rhythmic electroclash dance groove that will have you out of breath by the end. SINA fans check it out.n/a
Proyecto Mirage - Do Not Look At MeProyecto MirageDo Not Look At MevinylLimited picture disk plus Proyecto Mirage stickers. This record continues the development of their popular dance industrial style and adds some vocals reminding of SINA.n/a
Psychic TV - High Jack: Politics of EcstacyPsychic TVHigh Jack: Politics of EcstacyCDn/a
Psychonaut 75 - HellmachinePsychonaut 75HellmachineCDPsychonaut proceed along an EBM path, this time even heavier and dancier than the last album. It may not appeal to the typical Strange Fortune customer but maybe this could be some Wumpscut fan's transition to ritualistic music?n/a
Psychonaut 75 - Stealing the Fire from HeavenPsychonaut 75Stealing the Fire from HeavenCDPsychonaut take an industrial-dance turn with this album, but it manages to hold on to some of the magical quality of past work and avoids many of the cliches of this style of music.n/a