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Laminar - Ante-chamberLaminarAnte-chamberCDLaminar explore the untapped world of sound beneath the usual ability of the human ear, and come out with a nightmarish, never before heard sonic blast of chaotic rumbling and squealing.n/a
Land - WienLandWienvinylA limited vinyl release from the French militant ambient industrialists.n/a
Land - 1988-1997Land1988-1997CDLand's Opuscle release was a favorite here at Strange Fortune. This retrospective shows the earlier work of this French project, who turn out to have been crafting atmospheric industrial tracks for quite a few years now.n/a
Lapsed - TwilightLapsedTwilightCDHigh quality electronica out of Salt Lake City. Subtle delicate patterns of beats and glitch sounds, nothing especially edgy here but it's all quite pleasant and easily listenable.n/a
Larvae - Fashion VictimLarvaeFashion VictimCDLarvae's debut full length is a much different and more appealing formula than their previous EP. Loungy, trip hoppy drum n bass reminding heavily of Mick Harris's work.n/a
Larvae - Monster MusicLarvaeMonster MusicCDQuirky drum n bass, noisy and grating, unserious in attitude.n/a
Law - Wading Knee Deep in Your BloodLawWading Knee Deep in Your BloodCDn/a
The Law-Rah Collective - VesuviusThe Law-Rah CollectiveVesuviusvinylCinematic ambient release inspired by the volcano that buried Pompeii. Starts out mellow, builds to an explosive rumbling climax and finishes tranquil again. On transparent orange vinyl.n/a
LEAK - The Old Tea HouseLEAKThe Old Tea HouseCDThat's Lustige Elektro Akustische Klaenge. Spacey dark ambient from former Heid members.n/a
Left Hand Right Hand - In MuftiLeft Hand Right HandIn MuftiCDThis avant industrial project involves members of Clock DVA, In the Nursery and Shock Headed Peters. High energy tribal percussion, jazz saxaphone and chanted male and female vocals.n/a
Legendary Pink Dots - All the King's MenLegendary Pink DotsAll the King's MenvinylDouble LP. Finally a vinyl edition of this instant classic of a couple years back. Note: This record has a promo cut out on the cover.n/a
Legendary Pink Dots - The Best BalladsLegendary Pink DotsThe Best BalladsCDFirst volume in a Polish series of themed Legendary Pink Dots anthologies includes tracks from throughout their career.n/a
Legendary Pink Dots - Pre-millenial SingleLegendary Pink DotsPre-millenial SingleCDEP features brand new versions of four favorite songs spanning Dots history, over 30 minutes total.n/a
Legendary Pink Dots - Live at La LunaLegendary Pink DotsLive at La LunaVHSLive in 1997. VHS is NTSC North American format.n/a
Legendary Pink Dots - SterreLegendary Pink DotsSterreCDSingle from Hallway of the Gods with exclusive tracks.n/a
Legendary Pink Dots - Under Triple MoonsLegendary Pink DotsUnder Triple MoonsCDHere is your proprietor's favorite Legendary Pink Dots release. Everyone has their own favorite but the early music collected here has a youthful spirit and tripped out atmosphere that keeps me coming back again and again. Every track is unforgettable.n/a
Legendary Pink Dots - Canta Mientras PuedasLegendary Pink DotsCanta Mientras PuedasCDBest of Legendary Pink Dots compilation covers the years 1990-95 and includes alternate versions of two tracks from From Here You'll Watch the World Go By.n/a
Legendary Pink Dots - Remember Me This WayLegendary Pink DotsRemember Me This WayCDSingle from From Here You'll Watch the World Go By features exclusive tracks.n/a
Legendary Pink Dots - The Crushed Velvet ApocalypseLegendary Pink DotsThe Crushed Velvet ApocalypseCDOne of the all time best and most popular Legendary Pink Dots albums. All 12 tracks sparkle with a special magic you'll never forget...n/a
Legendary Pink Dots - Island of JewelsLegendary Pink DotsIsland of JewelsCDn/a
Legion - LeviathanLegionLeviathanCDDeep cavernous aquatic dark ambient by Lagowski, slow moving and tranquil while ominous and imposing.n/a
Letatlin - La Sepoltura Delle FarfalleLetatlinLa Sepoltura Delle FarfalleCDA bizarre project of the Italian underground is presented for our discovery by Ark. Letatlin is a post-punk rock band with strong avant garde leanings, driven by manic, hoarsely delivered vocals that make this feel like an Italian cousin of Novy Svet.n/a
Lithium - Threshold to DisharmonyLithiumThreshold to DisharmonyCDLithium's debut shares much in common with the atmospheric noise of Bocksholm, evoking a decaying Northern industrial town. Much of this is effectively haunting despite lo fi production values.n/a
Lockweld - 8 CutsLockweld8 CutsvinylExtreme repetitive-noise act Lockweld are presented at their noisiest extreme, on an awesome limited edition sawblade-shaped record. bzzzzzzzztttt!!n/a
Lockweld - Industrial RequiemLockweldIndustrial RequiemCDAmerican industrial act Lockweld churns out primitive but well designed harsh repetitive noise, at times reaching a nice hypnotic or melancholic groove.n/a
Francisco Lopez/Andrey Kiritchenko - MavjeFrancisco Lopez/Andrey KiritchenkoMavjeCDFrancisco Lopez reins in the pleasant glitch electronica of Andrey Kiritchenko, shaping it into one hugely ominous piece of unearthly towering rumbling sonics.n/a
Francisco Lopez - Untitled (2000)Francisco LopezUntitled (2000)CDFrancisco Lopez's releases are minimally packaged and often hold minimal levels of sound. This disc builds an atmosphere despite extensive use of apparent silence.n/a
Francisco LopezUntitled 1999CDn/a
Loretta's Doll - Creeping SidewaysLoretta's DollCreeping SidewaysCDOne of the more freeform efforts of Loretta's Doll, a thick soup of dark electronic effects and oddly treated vocals, featuring a guest appearance by Genesis P-Orridge.n/a
Lusine Icl - Iron CityLusine IclIron CityvinylDouble vinyl set.n/a