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Kenotaph - PromiseKenotaphPromiseCDLow brooding rhythmic industrial soundscapes.n/a
Andrey Kiritchenko - Interplays in BetweenAndrey KiritchenkoInterplays in BetweenCDSecond major release of the top Ukrainian electronic artist Andrey Kiritchenko takes his individualistic light & quirky style to even mellower realms, giving the beats room to breathe against a subtle atmospheric backdrop.n/a
Andrey Kiritchenko - Kniga SkazokAndrey KiritchenkoKniga SkazokCDSurprisingly cutting-edge electronic sounds out of the Ukraine. This ambient glitch music is percussive and dissonant while light and easy listening, and the album has a childhood/fairytale theme that reminds of Mago.n/a
Cordell Klier - WinterCordell KlierWinterCDThis electronic artist seems to do his best work when tapping into the spirit of his environment, the frozen lands of Minnesota. This clicks n cuts album shivers under the same icey winds as Monstrare.n/a
Kobe - Economy of MovementKobeEconomy of MovementCDFurious trance-inducing repetitive percussive rhythmscapes with a Far Eastern feeling. The drums are the main focus here but it's filled out with some guitar and electronic help from Loretta's Doll and Dream into Dust members.n/a
Konstruktivists - LiveKonstruktivistsLiveCD1984 live recording of this longtime UK industrial act with connections to Throbbing Gristle and Whitehouse, dense and heavy and powerful.n/a
Kraang - UroKraangUrovinylJohn Murphy is a longtime percussionist with bands such as Current 93, Death in June and SPK. This LP compiles his industrial noise work as Kraang Music from 1981-1983.n/a
Kratong - The Bees of Psychic ProvinceKratongThe Bees of Psychic ProvinceCDA spinoff of one of the greatest Eastern European apocalyptic neofolk groups Romowe Rikoito delivers an astounding masterpiece that blends the best of Coil & Current 93 with its own unique magical spirit.n/a
A Strange Fortune Gem
Kriegsfall-U - Kriegsfall-UKriegsfall-UKriegsfall-UCDNew project offers a Hungarian take on militant-industrial in the vein of Der Blutharsch & Turbund Sturmwerk. Lo fi and maybe not as innovative as they could be just yet but it's a promising, above average release in the field!n/a