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EA - REARCDSubdued detailed sonic textures. This is made from field recordings but it doesn't evoke anything in particular, the quality of the sound itself is the focus.n/a
Earthmonkey - Drum MachineEarthmonkeyDrum MachineCDEach of the 700 copies of this Earthmonkey EP features a unique cover. Collect em all!n/a
Earthmonkey - AudiosapienEarthmonkeyAudiosapienCDKicking off the year of the Monkey, the new band of multi-instrumentalist Peat Bog of Nurse with Wound. An epic instrumental album with a kraut/psych/prog vibe that should have you jumping up and down and hooting and hollering!n/a
A Strange Fortune Gem
Jürgen Eckloff - Zwei SinterlaschenJürgen EckloffZwei SinterlaschenvinylThis record consists of captured bits of real world dialogue in German. While I can't make out most of it, I'm getting a humorous satirical vibe which leads me to believe this is like a German "People Like Us."n/a
Econocon - Business SolutionsEconoconBusiness SolutionsCDAnother project of two members of MZ.412. Heavy crushing beats and harsh noise reminding of Folkstorm, but here it's more stripped down and addresses the contemporary world rather than WWII.n/a
E.G. Oblique Graph - Completely ObliqueE.G. Oblique GraphCompletely ObliqueCD2xCD set of the earliest recordings by Bryn Jones of Muslimgauze. Limited edition of 251 copies.n/a
End - Science/FictionEndScience/FictionCDAn interesting debut of dark electronica, subtle and cleanly produced, slow moving but dramatic, comparable to much of the Warp roster.n/a
EPA - Black IceEPABlack IceCDOpening a new trilogy of albums from Darrin Verhagin aka Shinjuku Thief is this release by side project EPA. Black Ice dives headfirst into an all out noise direction, and comes out like a more cinematic Merzbow.n/a
Des Esseintes - Mondo MacabroDes EsseintesMondo MacabroCD2005's Les Diaboliques was a surprise hit for this noisy side project of The Protagonist. Mondo Macabro compiles previous Des Esseintes vinyl releases of skillfully arranged sonic madness now for a slightly larger audience.n/a
Des Esseintes/Negru Voda - Des Esseintes/Negru VodaDes Esseintes/Negru VodaDes Esseintes/Negru VodavinylA split record of side projects of The Protagonist and Megaptera. All heavy percussive industrial, Des Esseintes raw and bombastic, Negru Voda more gloomy and subtley orchestrated.n/a
The Evpatoria Report - GolevkaThe Evpatoria ReportGolevkaCDSwiss instrumental group follows in the epic post-rock tradition of acts such as Godspeed You Black Emperor. Long tracks build slowly in power.n/a