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strange fortune catalogue: D

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Dead Hollywood Stars - JunctionsDead Hollywood StarsJunctionsCDA new project of John Sellekaers of Ambre, Ammo and Xingu Hill. Cold European electronic glitch meets Wild West Americana. Well produced and creative, reminding of some Snog music.n/a
Death in June - The Phoenix Has RisenDeath in JuneThe Phoenix Has RisenCDn/a
Deathpile - G.R.DeathpileG.R.CDDeathpile take the power electronics genre to its most brutal extreme. David E. Williams assists Jonathan Canady to enter the mind of the Green River serial killer...n/a
Martijn De Kleer - So Close Yet So Far OutMartijn De KleerSo Close Yet So Far OutvinylDouble LP edition on heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold cover.n/a
Martijn De Kleer - FlowMartijn De KleerFlowCDLegendary Pink Dots guitarist's stark acoustic solo album provides insight to his influence on the recent Dots sound.n/a
Detritus - EndogenousDetritusEndogenousCDAd Noiseam has been discovering quite a few intriguing new names in underground electronic music. This one is fairly standard light drum n bass fare.n/a
Paolo Di Cioccio - LogosPaolo Di CioccioLogosCDPaolo Di Cioccio is a member of Theatrum Chemicum. While that project is fairly "out there" musically, on his solo releases we have surprisingly pedestrian electronica something like Vangelis or Tangerine Dream with a beat.n/a
Paolo Di Cioccio - ImagesPaolo Di CioccioImagesCDPaolo Di Cioccio of Theatrum Chemicum plays oboe over retro style techno beats.n/a
Dissecting Table - Into the LightDissecting TableInto the LightCDDissecting Table stand out as the most rhythmically-oriented of the most famous noisemakers out of Japan, and Into the Light is another crisply produced serving of some of the heaviest industrial noise around.n/a
Dissecting Table - Human BreedingDissecting TableHuman BreedingCDn/a
Dive - Lies in Your EyesDiveLies in Your Eyesvinyln/a
Divinus Baal & Runa - Das Sein des SeinsDivinus Baal & RunaDas Sein des SeinsCDHere is surprisingly impressive German dark ambient from an obscure name, gradually building from calm and serenity to rhythmic industrial action.n/a
Dna Le Draw D Kee - Dna Le Draw D KeeDna Le Draw D KeeDna Le Draw D KeeCDA one off electronic ambient project by Edward Ka-Spel and family. Plenty of action and melody, this should please many who don't normally appreciate ambient music.n/a
Dominator - Back for MoreDominatorBack for MoreCDAugh my ears! Maybe the most difficult power electronics album ever. See how long you can endure the ear-piercing frequencies, or pass it along as a gift for your enemy.n/a
Dream Into Dust - Salvation's CorridorDream Into DustSalvation's CorridorvinylLimited picture disk. Two brief but evocative tracks, one a rhythmic industrial soundscape, the other a nice acoustic piece.n/a
Duparc - Twilight Fell from High AboveDuparcTwilight Fell from High AboveCDA new project of Carlos Boll of the Mystery School lurks in familiar alleys of ghostly electronically-tinged folk noir, and adds the intriguing female voice of Isabella Piombo.n/a
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