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Backworld - Hands of Ash/MelodyBackworldHands of Ash/MelodyvinylExclusive versions of two tracks from Backworld's Of Silver Sleep are presented on clear vinyl.n/a
Backworld - The OrchidsBackworldThe OrchidsCDBackworld EP offers a faithful cover of the beautiful Psychic TV track "The Orchids" of Dreams Less Sweet, along with an ambient remixed track from Anthems from the Pleasure Park.n/a
Devendra Banhart - Oh Me Oh My...Devendra BanhartOh Me Oh My...CDHere's one of the more interesting characters to come along in a while. His music is lo-fi Americana that takes all kind of freakish turns. Recommended by Michael Gira.n/a
Bass Communion - LossBass CommunionLossCDn/a
Bass Communion/Muslimgauze - Bass Communion vs. Muslimgauze EPBass Communion/MuslimgauzeBass Communion vs. Muslimgauze EPCDTwo long pieces completed by Steven Wilson of Bass Communion in 1999.n/a
Martyn Bates - Mystery SeasMartyn BatesMystery SeasCDA collection of songs written & recorded by the voice of Eyeless in Gaza in 1995. The words are very much the focus of expression here, with just a simple organ-based musical backing.n/a
Beefcake - In Media ResBeefcakeIn Media ResvinylThe vinyl companion to Coincidentia Oppositorum. Four tracks in the same style of rapid beats and lush atmosphere.n/a
Beequeen - Music for the Head BalletBeequeenMusic for the Head BalletCDInfraction reissues a lost Beequeen classic of 1996. Music for the Head Ballet is a primarily electronic release of simple repetitive drone that buzzes sweetly for 60 minutes.n/a
Belborn - PerchtaBelbornPerchtavinylBelborn try out a brand new direction inspired by traditional music of Bavaria. A unique and exciting small taste of what may come next for this ex-World Serpent act. Limited to 365 copies.n/a
Belborn - YBelbornYCDBelborn's initial releases on World Serpent got mixed reaction for their light blend of dark folk and darkwave. Here they decide to take a turn toward a more attention-commanding militant apocalyptic folk direction.n/a
Belborn - DreiBelbornDreiCDThis German dark folk couple improve upon their debut. These songs are quite simple musically and largely synthetic in construct but it comes off sincerely enough and will be pleasant enough listening for some.n/a
Big Red Goad - Truck Drivin' PsychoBig Red GoadTruck Drivin' PsychoCDA reissue of the infamous Jim "Big Red" Goad's album of original "truck driving songs." Originally a World Serpent/Hierarchy release continuing the Boyd Rice Presents series.n/a
Black Faction - Internal Dissident Part II: Live in ViennaBlack FactionInternal Dissident Part II: Live in Viennavinyln/a
Black Faction - Internal Dissident Part 1Black FactionInternal Dissident Part 1CDMuslimgauze-esque rhythm oriented music in the context of the current scene of glitch sound makers. An unusally engaging listen among releases of laptop electronica. Previously known as Foreign Terrain.n/a
Blackhouse - Heart of BlackBlackhouseHeart of BlackCDPowerful new album of darkly evocative noisescapes. The production is their most impressive ever. If you like Blackhouse at their most intense definitely check out Heart of Black.n/a
Blackhouse - Vox UltraBlackhouseVox UltraCDRarities collection Vox Ultra covers the many sides of Blackhouse, from loud noise to dark beauty to wacky hip hop, electronic and acoustic, with and without vocals.n/a
Blackhouse - Sex Sex SexBlackhouseSex Sex SexCDAnother vocally-oriented album with a good share of humor, except sonically much darker and more punishing than Shades of Black. Recorded live in the studio.n/a
Blackhouse - Shades of BlackBlackhouseShades of BlackCDOne of their more lighthearted, hip hop-styled albums, with plenty of old school industrial flavor. Great liner note commentary.n/a
The Blizzard Sow - Baagou MusicThe Blizzard SowBaagou MusicCDKrazy kooky cabaret folk noir from the Ukraine led by sleazy growled vocals sounds like this band could be playing in the film Moulin Rouge.n/a
Blod - Romantic and DerangedBlodRomantic and Derangedvinyln/a
Hermann Bohlen - Sag Doch Auch Mal WasHermann BohlenSag Doch Auch Mal WasvinylHermann Bohlen presents a cut up portrait of everyday life in Germany.n/a
Bong-Ra/Enduser/Shitmat - Monsters of MashupBong-Ra/Enduser/ShitmatMonsters of MashupCDAll out madness at 200 bpm from three of the loudest drill n splatter ragga gabber breakcore noisemakers of the Ad Noiseam family.n/a
Brighter Death Now - Kamikaze KabaretBrighter Death NowKamikaze KabaretCDOh baby! Rumbling dirty bass notes loop hypnotically until you're seduced in a trance, while Roger prepares to violate you every which way with his verbal and sonic abuse. Could it be the most satisfying Brighter Death Now release ever?n/a
Brighter Death Now - DisobeyBrighter Death NowDisobeyCD/DVDBrighter Death Now live in 1997 & 2003. CD + DVD Dualdisc release: CD on one side, DVD on the other. DVD is region free, NTSC format.n/a