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27 - Songs from the Edge of the Wing27Songs from the Edge of the WingCDn/a
Ab Ovo - EmpreintesAb OvoEmpreintesCDLong running French act Ab Ovo made a modest but welcome splash with their recent Ant-Zen debut of gently turbulent fluid beatscapes. Here they deliver another satisfying interplay of chaos and tranquility.n/a
The Abrasion Ensemble - Music for the Same 500 PeopleThe Abrasion EnsembleMusic for the Same 500 PeopleCDRick Reed's avant jazz rock ensemble from Austin, Texas.n/a
Adjacency Pair - Adjacency PairAdjacency PairAdjacency PairCDLounge electronica release with a slight industrial edge. A bit out of the ordinary for the Hands label, this will appeal to fans of the mellower Hymen roster artists.n/a
Ah Cama SotzPinPinAh Cama Sotz official metal pin.n/a
Ain Soph - AuroraAin SophAuroraCDAin Soph's now reissued 1992 classic of Italian industrial-neofolk-cabaret probably helped to shape later acts such as Novy Svet and Spiritual Front who have explored a similar style in recent years.n/a
Albireon - IndacoAlbireonIndacoCDA lovely gloomy EP offers some of the most entrancing Albireon songs yet along with help from famous neofolk guest stars Sonne Hagal and Ian Read of Fire + Ice.n/a
Albireon - Il Volo InsonneAlbireonIl Volo InsonneCDItalian trio Albireon play mellow acoustic folk balladry tinged with an ethereal element and a gloomy ambient undercurrent.n/a
Alio Die/Nick Parkin - Aquam MetallicamAlio Die/Nick ParkinAquam MetallicamCDThe title Aquam Metallicam suggests water and metal, and this recording somehow turns out to be the perfect musical fusing of these two elements. Overwhelming pure shimmering sonic beauty. Extremely high recommendation.n/a
All My Faith Lost - As You're Vanishing in SilenceAll My Faith LostAs You're Vanishing in SilenceCDFor those who can't get enough of Italian romantic-acoustic-ethereal groups such as Argine and Gothica, here's a new one, All My Faith Lost, whose music stands out by being the most tender and delicate of all of them.n/a
Marc Almond/Michael Cashmore - Gabriel & The Lunatic LoverMarc Almond/Michael CashmoreGabriel & The Lunatic LoverCDn/a
Alp - Out and About with AlpAlpOut and About with AlpCDMusic derived from the natural ambience of the streets of Amsterdam. Open and airy and delicately pretty, definitely more enjoyable than Alp's time spent at home.n/a
Al-Wahaar Dhin - The Third Power of AlftaAl-Wahaar DhinThe Third Power of AlftaCDPowerful hard pounding trance techno conjures a Middle Eastern spirit. Surprising project from a member of MZ.412.n/a
Ammo - KaleinoiscopeAmmoKaleinoiscopeCDThis work was commissioned by Brussels City of Culture and consists of electronic glitch meanderings, far from the driving beats of Age of Terminal Irony.n/a
Ammo - The Age of Terminal IronyAmmoThe Age of Terminal IronyCDAn intricate sonic attack of heavy drum n bass from a side project of Xingu Hill, with remixes by Panacea, Imminent and Silk Saw.n/a
Ammo/Szkieve - Terra Amata/PerturbaceeAmmo/SzkieveTerra Amata/PerturbaceevinylA picture disk release of subtle atmospheric electronic music, from the well known Ammo and the intriguing Szkieve.n/a
Anal Solvent - Wild 'n' FreeAnal SolventWild 'n' FreeCDn/a
The Anti Group - Iso-Erotic CalibrationsThe Anti GroupIso-Erotic CalibrationsCDIso-Erotic Calibrations of 1994 is probably the last Anti Group album. It's calculated to arose sexual energies, while musically coming close to late period Clock DVA.n/a
The Anti Group - Burning WaterThe Anti GroupBurning WaterCDTwo long soundtrack pieces. The first one is pure electronic ambient, sparse calm and soothing. The second is a chaotic, mysterious industrial soundscape.n/a
The Anti Group - DigitariaThe Anti GroupDigitariaCDDigitaria of 1987 is by far the most epic of Anti Group albums, starting out mellow and exploding into a furious jazz groove, with a world music vibe thoughout.n/a
The Anti Group - AudiophileThe Anti GroupAudiophileCDThe Audiophile compilation collects the early records of this quirky side project of Adi Newton of Clock DVA and friends. Classic avant post-punk funk jazz industrial.n/a
Aqueous - Tall Cloud Trees FallingAqueousTall Cloud Trees FallingCDImprovised electronic ambient music by English duo Aqueous. As pleasant as ambient music can get without stumbling into the new age category.n/a
Aranos - Whilst Your Gaiety MeltsAranosWhilst Your Gaiety MeltsvinylThis record highlights the more atmospheric, avant garde side of Nurse with Wound friend Aranos, naturally including much of his recognizable violin.n/a
Arcana - Body of SinArcanaBody of SinvinylLimited picture disk release in a striking gatefold cover.n/a
Archipel - Space CasinoArchipelSpace CasinoCDUnique music from a French experimental group compellingly blending electronic glitch, dub and jazz.n/a
Archon Satani - In ShelterArchon SataniIn ShelterCDThis album contains the most sparse and subdued sounds of black ambient project Archon Satani.n/a
Ars Moriendi - In MemoriamArs MoriendiIn MemoriamvinylClassic group Ars Moriendi is reformed for a brand new dose of incomparable power electronic experimental noise rock.n/a
Asche - Non-apocalypseAscheNon-apocalypseCDFirst album from this project of an ex-Ars Moriendi member who went on to Ant-Zen. Long droning ambient pieces, quite unrelaxing and uneasy listening.n/a
Aspic - An Ancient Song Sung Too LongAspicAn Ancient Song Sung Too LongCDDebut from this French group is warm and melodic, atmospheric electronics, much in common with Fennesz's Endless Summer. Music to listen to while the sun is going down.n/a
AtivRotationvinylAtiv is a side project of Synth-etik, cleaner and dancier than that project's rhythmic noise. Impressive dancefloor electronica that would almost fit in a progressive house set.n/a
Atman - Personal ForestAtmanPersonal ForestCDn/a
Axiome - Ca Ne Nous Rendra Pas Le CongoAxiomeCa Ne Nous Rendra Pas Le CongoCDOn this remarkable second album Axiome craft peculiar, continually changing electronics heavy on subliminal factors and subtleties. For deep listening only.n/a
Ayers/Everall/Harris - Mesmeric Enabling DeviceAyers/Everall/HarrisMesmeric Enabling DeviceCDn/a
Nigel Ayers/Randy Greif - Build a Poison FireNigel Ayers/Randy GreifBuild a Poison FireCDOedipus Brain Foil part three. Out of print, a few copies available here.n/a