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October 2004: A Strange Fortune Update

A Strange Fortune Update, October 2004


Many people have been experiencing troubles receiving email newsletters due to bulk mail filtering measures.

A new option is now available, going forward all new release updates will also be available via the Strange Fortune weblog.

To keep updated blog-style about new music releases, subscribe to Livejournal: strangefortune.



In stock now at Strange Fortune, perhaps the biggest release of the fall.

After a few years' silence, the music of Death in June is back, accompanying the words of Boyd Rice. Alarm Agents comes across much like a sequel to the excellent Wolf Pact. A perfect mix of stimulating thoughts and sublime acoustic beauty.

CD is in stock for $15 and shipping, claim your copy of this special album now.

Vinyl edition coming later.


Strange Fortune's Gem of the Month for October 2004 is Volume 2 of the remarkable Tyr journal, published by Joshua Buckley, Michael Moynihan of Blood Axis and contributors.

Tyr Volume 2 is a vast treasure trove of wisdom on music, magick, and a whole spectrum of other topics. Bonus accompanying CD features Coil, Allerseelen, Blood Axis, Changes, Fire + Ice, Waldteufel and more.

This Book+CD is in stock for $19 and shipping, claim yours now.


Many have been asking about the latest on the various former World Serpent-affiliated artists and their catalogues. It's chaotic yet in most cases, not much solid to report here so far, but many of them are expected back before long.

So far we can report, former World Serpent artist Tor Lundvall is back in stock and now distributed officially by Strange Fortune.

This is your first chance ever to pick up Tor's exceptional releases at a reasonable price. In stock currently: Under the Shadows of Trees (Strange Fortune's #1 pick of 2003), Ice, and Evening/Leaves (7" vinyl). These World Serpent-branded editions are available while supplies last.

Coming later this fall will be the brand new Tor Lundvall album, Last Light.


Just around the corner is a major event, a rare US appearance of the artists of Cold Meat Industry of Sweden, in many ways the all time champions and greatest stronghold of dark ambient music.

Catch Brighter Death Now, Deutsch Nepal, Raison d'etre and Bocksholm at the following three dates:

Thurs Oct 21 / New York NY / Siberia
Fri Oct 22 / Austin TX / Elysium
Sun Oct 24 / San Francisco CA / DNA Lounge

This should be worth travelling for. Check http://www.cmi.dogsbloodrising.org/ for latest tour information.

New Releases at Strange Fortune - All of the following are in stock right now...

Arcana / The New Light / $13
Black Lung / The Grand Chessboard / $13
Blood Axis/Les Joyaux de la Princesse / Absinthia Taetra / $15
Der Blutharsch / The Moment of Truth / $15
C2 / Cubed / $12
Death in June & Boyd Rice / Alarm Agents / $15
Fire + Ice / Gilded by the Sun / $15
Folkstorm / Sweden / $14
Genetic Selection / Orbital Ground Attack / $13
Indian Soundscapes / Indian Soundscapes 2CD / $15
Iszoloscope / Les Gorges des Limbes / $13
Karjalan Sissit / Karjalasta Kajahtaa / $13
Klangstabil / Taking Nothing Seriously / $13
Legendary Pink Dots / All the King's Men LP / $17
Daniel Menche / Hope and Prey / $8
Mimetic / Overrated / $12
Monstrare / Novum Ott / $12
Nurse with Wound / She and Me Fall Together in Free Death / $12
Schloss Tegal / Neoterrik Research / $14
Turbund Sturmwerk / Turbund Sturmwerk / $15
Venetian Snares / Horse and Goat LP / $15
Werkraum / Unsere Feuer Brennen / $14
various / QFG / $19
various / Tyr: Myth Culture Tradition Volume 1 Book / $15
various / Tyr: Myth Culture Tradition Volume 2 Book/CD / $19

Just around the corner - Keep checking the New Releases at Strange Fortune...

Atrium Carceri / Seishinbyouin
Death in June & Boyd Rice / Alarm Agents LP
Genocide Organ / In Konflict CD, LP
Tor Lundvall / Last Light
Sol Invictus / The Angel
This Morn Omina / The Drake Equation
Flowers Made of Snow Cold Meat sampler

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