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Late February 2006: Strange Fortune Newsletter: Cynfeirdd, Ape of Naples, Empty City

A Strange Fortune Update Friday February 24th 2006

What's the most important dark folk music label currently active in France?

We would answer, Cynfeirdd.

Strange Fortune is happy to announce we're now making the Cynfeirdd label available to North America as official promoter & distributor.

The best & most prolific label working in the folk noir & related scene in that country, Cynfeirdd has released such artists as Herr, Gae Bolg, Othila, Richard Moult, and Tony Wakeford. Cynfeirdd's releases come as collectible limited editions in unique packaging.

The latest Cynfeirdd title is Richard Moult's _The Secret Joy_. Richard Moult is an English composer working from a romantic tradition, who is behind an upcoming orchestral version of Current 93's _Soft Black Stars_. _The Secret Joy_ is pure pastoral beauty performed exquisitely by piano and two female vocalists.

Alongside the label activities, Cynfeirdd publishes a magazine in English & French, that for ten years has stood as one of the more valuable print publications in the post-industrial music world.

All the latest Cynfeirdd releases are in stock & available to ship right away at an amazing import price of just $13 & shipping each:

Cynfeirdd at Strange Fortune


Important Breaking News! The Ape of Naples is on the loose once again!!

First spotted in London until disappearing briefly, the Ape of Naples has reemerged in Thailand in new mutated form, and is reported currently on the way to New England! He could be reaching our shores any day!!

We highly recommend citizens to be prepared and proceed now to the following web page for further instructions:

Ape of Naples preorder

We repeat that the Ape now on his way to America via Thailand is a new version of the Ape, slightly different in appearance than the Ape as seen in London.

Some reports from the street have it that the Ape's original captors in England deemed him too difficult to handle! Please exercise all possible precaution.

Do Not Turn Your Back On The Ape.


End of February sees the release of the first essential album of 2006. EMPTY CITY is the brand new release of Tor Lundvall. File under: ghost ambient!

EMPTY CITY's first edition is 955 numbered copies, and the first 100 ordered come personally signed by the artist.

As of today there are just a few remaining spots in the first 100. To be one of the first "ghost ambient" conneisseurs in the world to experience EMPTY CITY, now is the time to stake your place in line at:

Tor Lundvall Empty City preorder

Thanks to all who have ordered already, the response is overwhelming. Hold on just a little longer, it's coming...

"Tor's musical invocations are so authentic and effective it is mesmerizing."
­Heathen Harvest

"I'm convinced that this man is exploring new fields, maybe this way creating new perspectives in ambient."

"makes Goldfrapp, Scala and Portishead sound like ZZ Top. Trip hop minus the hop."


Albireon / Il Volo Insonne / $13
The Blizzard Sow / Baagou Music / $13
Clair Obscur / In Out / $13
Clair Obscur / Play / $13
Duparc / Twilight Fell from High Above / $13
Herr / The Winter of Constantinople Picture Disk LP / $17
Karnnos / Undercurrents and Lost Horizons (NEW 2006) / $13
Karnnos / Dun Scaith / $13
Richard Moult / The Secret Joy (NEW 2006) / $13
The Mystery School / The Mystery School / $13
Omne Datum Optimum / Missa XXI / $13
Regard Extreme / Resurgence / $13
While Angels Watch / Dark Age / $13
Wolfsblood / Twilight of the World / $13
Cynfeirdd No. 19 Zine/CD / $12
Cynfeirdd No. 18 Zine/CD / $12
Cynfeirdd No. 17 Zine/CD / $12
Cynfeirdd No. 16 Zine/CD / $12
Sol Lucet Omnibus: A Tribute to Sol Invictus / $15

Check out all the available Cynfeirdd catalogue at:

Cynfeirdd at Strange Fortune


Strange Fortune is now offering the following Invisible label titles, at a new & better price than ever:

Attrition / Dante's Kitchen / $11
Attrition / Keepsakes and Reflections / $11
Attrition / The Hand That Feeds: The Remixes / $11
Attrition / Ephemera / $11
Attrition / The Hidden Agenda / $11
Caul / Muein / $11
Dead Voices on Air / Live / $11
Dead Voices on Air / Frankie Pett Presents... / $11
Dead Voices on Air / Piss Frond 2CD / $13
Dead Voices on Air / How Hollow Heart / $11
Dead Voices on Air / Shap / $11
Dead Voices on Air vs. Not Breathing / A Fire in the Bronx Zoo / $11
Not Breathing / Itchy Tingles / $11
Not Breathing / The Starry Wisdom 2CD / $11
Not Breathing / Sangre Azul / $11
Scorn / Anamnesis / $11
Scorn / Whine / $11
Scorn / Zander / $11

Essential albums available at last for a reasonable price at www.strangefortune.com


Our silly Myspace page can be found here:

Strange Fortune at Myspace

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