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November 2005: Strange Fortune Newsletter: Sol Invictus, Tony Wakeford Preorder, Ataraxia

A Strange Fortune Update, November 2005


Thanks to all for the huge response to our Sol Invictus offering in October. The partnership between Tursa & Strange Fortune is already looking to be a great success. We're proud to be serving an artist who is one of the major inspirations behind the music scene at Strange Fortune.

Due to demand we've already sold out of most of the Sol Invictus stock, and more is on the way at this very moment, all pending orders for Tursa albums will be filled within a week (including the zillion of you in line for _In the Rain_).

All in print Sol Invictus & Tursa catalogue is available for order at just $13 & shipping each, at



We're now taking preorders for the brand new studio album by Tony Wakeford and Andrew Liles, _Cups in Cupboard_.

Tony Wakeford's collaboration with experimental/drone composer Andrew Liles promises to be the most avant-electronic work in Wakeford's discography in many years.

This CD is a limited edition of 500 copies, signed by both Wakeford and Liles. A UK import for just $13 & shipping.

This preorder begins shipping out within a week. Reserve yours now at



Strange Fortune's Gem of the Month for November 2005 is Ataraxia's astounding _Arcana Eco_ book+CD release from Ark Records Italy.

The ultimate Ataraxia release offers an exclusive album of gorgeous new songs, together with an exquisite 160 page book of writings and full color photography taking you deeper into the magical realm of Ataraxia than ever before. This is one of the most effective print releases from a musical group I've ever seen.

This luxurious import from Italy is in stock for just $33 & shipping (the best price you will find for this gem on this side of the ocean) at


New Music Releases at Strange Fortune

Ataraxia / Arcana Eco Book/CD / $33
Combative Alignment / And Outside Glows the Red Dawn / $12
Current 93 / Hypnagogue I & II / $13
Charlie Deaux/Lustmord / Zoetrope: The Motion Picture DVD / $13
Duo Noir (Sol Invictus) / Marseilles / $13
Fleur / Siyanie / $13
Gae Bolg/Omne Datum Optimum/Nothvs Filivs Mortis / The Oran Mor Trilogy / $15
The Hafler Trio / An Utterance of the Supreme Ventriloquist / $17
Jarboe/Nic Le Ban / Knight of Swords / $19
Edward Ka-spel / Happy New Year / $29
Edward Ka-spel / O Darkness! O Darkness! LP / $23
Francisco Lopez/Andrey Kiritchenko / Mavje / $13
Melek-Tha / War Is Coming / $14
Thomas Nöla featuring Douglas P. / The Doctor DVD / $15
Novy Svet/His Divine Grace / Nachtfang 10" / $17
Rapoon / Alien Glyph Morphology DVD / $16
Twelve Thousand Days / At the Landgate: Three Cuttings from the Walled Garden / $11
Whitelodge / + / $12
Cynfeirdd No. 19 Zine/CD / $12
Fairy World 2 sampler / $9

Available for preorder now, shipping out to you within a week:

Atrium Carceri / Kapnobatai / $13
Brighter Death Now / Kamikaze Kabaret / $13
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio/Spiritual Front / Satyriasis / $13
The Protagonist / Interim / $10
Sephiroth / Draconian Poetry / $13
Tony Wakeford/Andrew Liles / Cups in Cupboard / $13

Available for preorder soon, watch for an announcement on this shortly:

Tor Lundvall / Xmas Cards 2005 edition

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Michael J. Salo
strange & exquisite post-industrial sounds

Strange Fortune / PO Box 440383 / Somerville MA 02144 USA

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