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March 2005: A Strange Fortune Update

A Strange Fortune Update, March 2005


Wild guess, this will be a top seller of this Spring. The brand new Sol Invictus album The Devil's Steed is available now from Strange Fortune.

The band lineup shifts and Sol Invictus returns to a raw, stripped down, even dark-rock style. This dynamic release should impress just about everyone, including the most old school Sol fans. Cover art is a drawing by the always excellent Tor Lundvall.

Sol Invictus The Devil's Steed is in stock right now for just $14 and shipping at www.strangefortune.com, come & get it. Can you hear the raven chorus call?


Current 93's How He Loved the Moon is special deluxe double LP set on heavyweight black vinyl. Further revisiting of the music of the classic In Menstrual Night, here in more potent form than ever, extra rhythmic and creepy and oozing with lunar magick glow...

This soon-to-be high priced Current 93 rarity is still available for just $23 and shipping from www.strangefortune.com.

Also available now, the new CD reissues:

Current 93 / Halo / $13
Nurse with Wound / Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains / $13


By popular demand Strange Fortune is offering more from the excellent Jack or Jive, on the French Prikosnovenie label:

Jack or Jive / Absurdity. Jack or Jive's latest album takes on a political theme for a more intense work than usual, but the lush beauty of their music remains. A pacifist musical message from Japan. $14

Jack or Jive / Kenka. Newly remixed and reissued, Kenka is another of Jack or Jive's more tragically-oriented releases. Ethereal sadness rather than ethereal bliss, delicately painted with a palette of piano and soft electronics, and two female vocalists. $14

Also available now from Prikosnovenie, at www.strangefortune.com:

Gor / Croisades: The Medieval Project. Gor is the project of Francesco Banchini, talented multi-instrumentalist and percussionist for Ataraxia. His distinctive music conjures a medieval spirit with all acoustic, genuine instrumentation and lyrics in Italian. $14

If these do well we'll be making more of this interesting French catalogue available here at Strange Fortune...

New Releases at Strange Fortune

Ain Soph / Aurora (reissue) / $14
All My Faith Lost / As You're Vanishing in Silence / $13
Atrium Carceri / Seishinbyouin / $13
Big Red Goad / Truck Drivin' Psycho (reissue) / $11
Cdatakill / The Cursed Species / $13
Current 93 / Halo (reissue) / $13
Current 93 / How He Loved the Moon (Moonsongs for Jhonn Balance) 2LP / $23
Gor / Croisades: The Medieval Project / $14
Hecate / Seven Veils of Silence / $14
His Divine Grace / Eurydice / $14
Hypnoskull / Dark Skies Over Planet E / $14
Imminent/Synapscape / The Incredible Three 7" vinyl / $11
Jack or Jive / Absurdity / $14
Jack or Jive / Kenka / $14
Kattoo / Places / $14
Andrew King / The Harbinger of the Decaying Mind 10" vinyl / $15
Tor Lundvall / Last Light / $12
Lustmord / Heresy (reissue) / $11
Merzbow vs. Nordvargr / Partikel / $14
Mondblut / Scorn / $14
Naevus / Perfection Is a Process / $14
Neither Neither World / Maddening Montagery (reissue) / $14
Nordvargr/Drakh / Infinitas in Aeternum / $14
Nurse with Wound / Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains / $13
Propergol / Program Vengeance / $12
Simulacrum / Upuaut / $14
Sol Invictus / The Devil's Steed / $14
Somatic Responses / Pounded Mass / $14
Somatic Responses / Pounded Mass LP / $13
Terra Sancta / Aeon / $12
Von Thronstahl / E Pluribus Unim (reissue) / $14
Von Thronstahl / Imperium Internum (reissue) / $14
various artists / Flowers Made of Snow 2CD / $13

Advice for anyone suffering through these nasty late months of winter, especially here in New England this year: best to stay inside and listen to good music til it's over...

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