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Tor Lundvall: Last Light
Tor Lundvall
Last Light (2005)
Strange Fortune

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Strange Fortune description

Available now is the first release on Strange Fortune's in house label. Last Light is the brand new album of former World Serpent artist Tor Lundvall. First edition is limited to 955 numbered copies Ė almost gone, act quickly.

Last Light press release

In times when the elusive idea of ďmultimediaĒ has come to be demanded everywhere, how many artists can you name who are delivering seriously memorable work in more than one medium?

Meet the singular, New York-based musical solo artist & painter, Tor Lundvall, now unveiling his most remarkable musical release to date, Last Light, on the new Strange Fortune label.

Tor Lundvall is perhaps currently best known for his extraordinary paintings, which lure the viewer irresistibly into his mysterious shadowworld, where lost souls wander amidst ravishing landscapes of supernatural power.

Anyone not already seduced by Torís visuals is advised to dive into his online gallery, at torlundvall.com. You wonít regret it, but you may never come back out again.

The paintings are just one part of this story, as Tor spends the rest of his time crafting his themes and unmistakable aesthetic into the even more appropriate, ethereal realm of sound.

Tor Lundvallís major musical releases to date have been highly atmospheric, mainly consisting of a four album cycle based on the four seasons: Autumn Calls (with Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus), Ice, The Mist, and 2003ís celebrated Under the Shadows of Trees.

Each one is a distinct soundscape that perfectly captures the magic of its time of year, as seen through Torís eyes.

With each new release Tor added a bit more vocals and lyrics, while keeping an atmospheric approach, remaining loosely in the ďambientĒ music category.

The seasonal cycle completed, itís time for a new chapter, and here it is with the major new release, Last Light.

Without giving away everything, Last Light is the first Tor Lundvall album that may be said to be set indoors rather than out. Tor recounts:

The initial inspiration behind the album came from a journal entry I wrote in April 2002 entitled ďLying in Bed - A Strange Evening.Ē I remember watching the blueish-grey light shimmering outside, and hearing distant sounds echoing far away, eventually sinking into silence and stillness.

Furthermore, the lyrics and vocals are now the focus of the music.

Initially the words are used descriptively, to set the mood and atmosphere. From there, we start learning for the first time whatís going on in Torís mind. Thoughts that might have been whispered on the wind in previous releases are now on center stage.

Itís quickly clear this time, Tor isnít just here to talk about the weather. Tor explains:

I personally feel that this album is my strongest to date. Last Light is different from my past works in that the vocals are much more up front, and the music itself is more sparse and austere, although much is going on beneath the surface.

Musically, the lush, organic-sounding, reverb-loaded electronics are pleasing and enveloping as ever, while more structured and focused than before.

As usual, original paintings by Tor adorn this musical release, and as the artwork is so closely intwined with the musical work, the two should not be separated or context is lost.

If one word describes all of Tor Lundvallís music itís got to be, ďmoody,Ē and this new album is no exception in that regard at all. Torís converted fans will be ready to soak in whatever mood he chooses to set, and hereís the next serving.

For those who have yet to sample Torís music, it may not be readily comparable to any other artist, but those who enjoy Brian Enoís ambient works will certainly find qualities to appreciate in the soundscapes of Torís own world.

Now with the release of Last Light, fans of David Sylvian, Fennesz, and even Lycia will discover music that strikes a welcome chord.

Look out: 2005 is the year that Tor Lundvall becomes the star he rightfully is.

The music of Tor Lundvall is distributed exclusively by Strange Fortune.

Additional notes by Tor on the music and the paintings follow.

Tor Lundvall's notes about Last Light

The title of "Last Light" came from a painting of the same title, which strangely was not used for the album artwork.

The front cover painting called "The Bedroom Window" was painted half way through the album, and is based on the track "Blue Room".

The back tray painting is called "Yellow Room" which almost became a track on the album, but was abandoned in favor of other songs.

The two inner paintings were created several years ago, and just seemed to fit the mood of the album.

Several tracks are based on specific locations near my home. There is an area of open water called "Settler's Landing" which is described in the track "Still". Other tracks describe the changing light in my bedroom at various times during the day.

1) "Rust" - Recorded using my friend Christine's Winter piano and a Pro-1 synthesizer.

2) "The Pond" - The main piano riff is a sample of a muted chord followed by me sighing in the background. Very effective and very haunting.

3) "It's Over Now" - Centered around a ghostly sample of a string section on the radio.

4) "Silver Wash" - The light after a rain storm in Autumn.

5) "Last Light" - Described above.

6) "Storm" - Inspired by late night drives between Long Island and New Jersey.

7) "Soft Bipolarity" - Contains a sample of a toy with a voice box saying "What's Up With That?". The title is based on a medical condition.

8) "Blue Room" - The "web in the corner" is still hanging in the corner and collecting more dust.

9) "Sunday Evening" - Written after opening the front door on an early Spring evening and gazing outside. A personal favorite.

10) "Cold" - Inspired by Christmas lights glowing in the window and the moon glowing behind them outside.

11) "Still" - Described above.

12) "Lost at Sea" - My brother is a charter boat captain. I hope this never happens to him.

I am not sure what direction the music will take next. Soon after recording "Last Light" I started working on an album called "Empty City", which is sort of an instrumental companion to "Last Light".

Last Light reviews

Strange Fortune listener reviews are a free space to share your impressions of the music.

pif242 says on 22 Jan 2005

After the wonderful Greeting cards we find ourselves blessed by the beauty of this new album. It is a little bit different than its predecessors, maybe more simple, making it closer to perfection as Tor Lundvall's music has ever been. But do not worry fans, this is still those cottonous atmospheres, dreamy voices and quiet electronics.

Adam Bomb says on 22 Jan 2005

Wow !!! Congrats to Strange Fortune & Tor for an incredible release. To say this disc is ESSENTIAL is an understatement. This disc is dark and hauntingly beautiful all at the same time. Melodies that stick in my head and won't go away. This is going to be glued in my cars CD player and will not come out for a long time. Each time I play it, it amazes me. I can safely say that this is going to be my top pick CD for 2005. I now must go back and bow at the Temple of Tor.

sombunya says on 22 Jan 2005

An essential release from Tor Lundvall. It's definitely dark ambient but not the grinding, evil sounding type. More like an otherworldly experience. Think of a wonderful dream you had and would like to re-visit.

I normally don't enjoy vocal additions to this type of sound but they have been added here in a tasteful way that lifts the entire work to a much higher plane. The production is impeccable. The sounds are simple yet extremely deep. A perfect soundtrack to an eclectic movie.

When a lot of dark ambient creations start sounding similar, this work by Tor Lundvall comes off entirely fresh. Of course I will be looking at this artist's other work. I would also like to thank Strange Fortune for calling my attention to this fabulous production.

Again, an absolutely essential release by Tor Lundval.

vespers75 says on 17 Jun 2005

This album by Tor is definitely a little different than his previous work.....mainly due to the vocals being a major focus on this album. However, I actually prefer the instrumental work. This isn't a bad album by any means....in many ways, it is quite good with a very introspective atmoshere. Maybe I'm just being nostalgic, but it just simply doesn't invoke the moods of "Autumn Calls," which is still my all-time favorite Tor Lundvall album.

northaunt says on 3 Feb 2006

As if in the last light, before some kind of darkness, a lonely voice hangs in the air, and there's nothing to do in the beauty of this last moment, than admire the man that was able to capture these fragile moments on a cd. Highly recomended!

Alexandre Boudreau says on 19 Jan 2007


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