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Venetian Snares: Find Candace
Venetian Snares
Find Candace (2003)
Hymen (Germany)
Vinyl LP

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Find Candace press release

imagine the horror of being a doll.

straight, unbending arms and legs violently sewn onto an overstuffed fabric torso. you have no neck and your head is flat as a pancake, stitched on by some industrial garment machine with a carbon fiber four-inch needle. your eyes are glass nubs hazy and dull from rubbing against a million other discombobulated nasal, oral, and ocular organs shipped in the same box.

they name you candace and sell you as a birthday present for some 4-year-old girl.

find candace is the sound of your life - a hapless doll in a petulant child’ s hands. every day is a new hell. shattering glass shards from the window you’re thrown through pierce your cloth skin one morning; cotton drips from your arm. the next afternoon, jittery images shriek by as you’re dropped and kicked countless times in angry tantrums. on sunday, your eyes are scraped to shreds as you’re dragged along the concrete sidewalk by a spoiled brat in a cute red dress. after a few months, your carcass is lost in the back of a closet.

fresh off a mind-altering 15-minute, one-track release for hymen, a giant alien force more violent & sick than anything you can imagine, venetian snares’ aaron funk returns to complete the horror and destruction initiated in doll doll doll with find candace. find candace is the second and final installment in the so-called “doll sequence,” through which mr. funk obliterates the lines between jungle, d&b, gabber, breakcore, and post-industrial.

as with doll doll doll, this new venetian snares thriller surfaces as both a 12-inch release and a cd with extra tracks.

find candace revels in microscopic beat sequencing, elevating it to an art form that’s worlds apart from his contemporaries. maelstrom is ever-present, starting with the break madness of a remixed “befriend a child killer” from doll doll doll, here contorted through searing synth tones and electrolyzed vocal commands. aaron funk, who’s released music since 2000 for labels such as planet mu, isolate, zhark, history of the future, and klangkrieg, understands the importance of balancing the maelstrom through tense, textured atmospherics - putting them to use in the opening minutes of “mercy funk,” a pensive snap-step hash that crescendos into a breakcore mantra. the title track, however, brings this balance under the scrutiny of an atomic-force microscope, uncovering a multitude of chaotic punching beats, bolt-action bass, and static sound fury. the vinyl version of find candace closes on the alternately somber and volatile soundscapes of “yor.”

those who opt for the cd version are in for a right royal mindfuck - starting with a nightmarish sermon about the eternal pain of hellfire on “children’s limbo,” continuing with “dolleater” from doll doll doll before ending on “bind candace,” which with its twisted organ tones and liturgical zenith is the funereal dirge - the death music - of that poor sodden doll.

so go forth and save your favorite stuffed friend from a horrible end: find candace.

venetian snares is aaron funk. pictures by trevor brown.

Find Candace reviews

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nostalgae says on 9 Jul 2003

The sequel to his previous Hymen work "Doll Doll Doll" has Venetian Snares further exploring the regions of his dark ambient side. This release manages to be spooky and cold while still being accessible. Although it may turn off fans of his work for other labels (primarily his drill n' bass work for Planet Mu) it shouldn't be passed over without a good listen in the dark or down a rainy empty highway.

DoInK says on 12 Sep 2003

Here we find Cadence. All grown up. The soul survivor of the first part of the doll sequence. And the man of shadow has returned to claim her, or her children...
Follow the sounds of insanity, escape, prowling terror and revenge as the doll sequence comes to a close. This is the theatric score to a story too horrible to tell. Music to give any moral person nightmares. hell needs fresh souls...

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