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"There is no exquisite beauty... without some strangeness in the proportion."
–Edgar Allan Poe, "Ligeia"

Strange Fortune is an online music seller based in New England USA specializing in music of strange & exquisite beauty.

Strange Fortune is a key North American source for the thriving underground world of folk noir, dark ambient & post-industrial music.

Since 1999 Strange Fortune has been making rare yet brilliant music available at reasonable prices.

Strange Fortune label & distribution

On top of the mail order service Strange Fortune operates an in house record label & distribution service.

Strange Fortune's editoral content

Strange Fortune strives to light the way by offering in house evaluations of all of the music. We are fans of the music and we offer up honest descriptions of every title.

Strange Fortune's writeups range from positive to negative. Instead of giving you a hard-sell on every item, the goal is build longer term trust by helping you find what you'll appreciate the most.

Strange Fortune listener reviews

We've always found Strange Fortune customers to be an amazing source of expertise and good taste. Strange Fortune's listener reviews offer a further way to discover the music that will mean the most to you.

Strange Fortune listener reviews are a free space to share your own impressions on the music. Try it today. Select any title in the catalogue and click "write a review."

Strange Fortune's reasonable prices

From the start Strange Fortune has taken the position that music should be made available at better prices than it is.

Strange Fortune's standard price level is around $12 for a domestic CD, or $15 for imports. In some cases we'll go even lower than this, and it won't be more than this for standard in-print titles unless there's a special reason.

Strange Fortune doesn't have "sales" and there aren't any discounts. Instead the prices are kept low all the time, so you always know you're getting a fair deal. The next time you find yourself paying too much for music (it happens to us all) – think of Strange Fortune.

Strange Fortune serves Europa

Strange Fortune specializes in importing from & exporting to Europe. Based on the Eastern seaboard of the USA, just outside Boston Harbor, Strange Fortune is ideally positioned to serve music lovers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Strange Fortune loves vinyl

We love vinyl. It's our favorite format for music and probably will always be, for its special sonic qualities & satisfying full size presentation. Vinyl is a timeless format for connoisseurs. Many releases in this catalogue are vinyl-only, or have alternate material in vinyl form.

In case you're looking for a solid turntable for a low price, Strange Fortune can recommend this Technics turntable for hooking up to your home stereo. DJ's will want to go straight to the higher end 1200MK2.

Strange Fortune follows best practices in storage and shipment of vinyl, to ensure your records and covers get to you in top condition.

For artists & labels

Artists and labels, if you're looking to get into the Strange Fortune catalogue, here is how to submit your music.

For dealers

Strange Fortune also serves as a wholesale music distributor.


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